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Needle Felted Sheep (With Horns)


Have your sheep recreated in miniature. Your model will stand approx 3-4 inches or 8-10 cm high. Each one has semi poseable legs. Each sheep takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete and is made out of sheeps fleece. The horns will be sculpted and hand painted to suit. These items are collectable pieces of art and as such are not suitable for under 14's. 

If you wish to send us your own fleece to work with that is fine; it just needs to be clean and debris free. You can hand wash a small amount using any soap and lightly rinsing without agitating it so that it doesn't self felt. A generous handful will be adequate.

We will need as many photos from all angles as possible (side full body, side and front on head shots, under the jaw/muzzle, close ups of any leg/head markings etc) and if your sheep is not solid coloured then the more photos the better to get the markings accurate! If you no longer have access to the sheep we can work with less photos but the detail may not be as accurate.

Please email photos to Due to the popularity of these items there is usually a wait list of approx 1 month. If you need it for a particular date please contact us before placing your order and we will try to help!